Kleki Blog



1 - Video Tutorial

I have been working on a new tutorial/introduction video for Kleki. The last time I made one was 9 years ago. Kleki has changed a lot since then. It will be a quick tour of the most important things in the app. I will release it within the next 2 weeks.

2 - Select Tool

Next up I will focus on a selection tool. This is one of the most needed features in Kleki. I am not sure yet if the selection will stay active when switching to another tool. That would be great but a lot more work. Nonetheless a select tool will be #1 priority until its release. My guess is 1 month dev time for this, probably longer.

select concept

3 - Zoomable Previews

Then the #1 focus will be zoomable previews. Edit dialogs are held back by not being able to fully see the details of the image. For example when transforming it can be important to see the exact pixel alignment. Ideally zoomable previews will allow pinch-to-zoom gestures like the main canvas. Also it might make sense to rethink how Edit dialogs are designed. If someone has a large screen the dialog could be bigger. Other dialogs that will also benefit from zoomable previews: copy dialog, import dialog, import as layer dialog. Again my estimation is roughly a month.

preview concept

4 - Layer Overhaul

After that the next big focus will be the layers tab. I want that "alpha lock" no longer lives in each tool, but instead you turn on alpha lock for a layer and it applies to all tools. Layers need a visibility toggle and clipping. If I'm lucky it will take under a month.

layer concept