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Zoomable Previews


What made prototyping the select tool easier than directly working in Kleki, was that I could start fresh. Adding new features to the canvas area (named KlWorkspace in the code) in Kleki is quite a hassle because it's not modular. That means all the code for many different features live in a single large class. This also isn't good for re-usability. Edit dialogs have a preview of the canvas, but have to use a different component because the main one is overkill.

To overcome these problems I am rewriting the canvas/viewport. It's modular, and can be used in different places. As a first step of this overhaul I released an update today (0.6.4) with the new canvas in some of the edit dialogs. You can zoom, pan, and use touch gestures as you'd expect.

Next step will be updating other previews (edit, image import, clipboard dialogs) and the main canvas area. Then there is space for the select tool shaped puzzle piece.

Oh, and we now have a Russian translation, thanks to Blueberry!

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