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Select Prototype 4


Select tool prototyping continues. As a refresher: I am working on bringing a select tool to Kleki. But to reduce the complexity and overhead I have to deal with I first develop it as a prototype outside of actual app. Once I am confident I solved a number of the major problems I will implement it within Kleki.


I switched from the library "paper.js" to polygon-clipping which is much more focused, offers the nonzero rule, has better performance, and I haven't run into any bugs. This is a big relief.

I've added an ellipse selection shape.

I've explored a bit how the transformation behaves when zooming, with special consideration for pixel accuracy. At the moment I handle it so the rect-selection always snaps to pixels, while the other ones can be sub-pixel and therefor anti-aliased.


I am thinking two more prototype iterations.

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